Shaanxi Yinhe Fire-fighting Technology Equipment Co., Ltd

Our services:

Our company is set up Baoji Yinhe Fire-fighting Vehicle Equipment Maintenance Co., Ltd., which is officially registered by the relevant departments of the state, at the same time, we have maintenance service stations all over the country, which are professional undertaking various fire truck maintenance business and responsible for the guidance and training of after-sales service business throughout the country. There are 2 senior engineers, also engineers, technicians and maintenance technical workers of more than 40 people in the maintenance companies. Our company's after-sales service personnel have rich experience, high technical level, exquisite business, good service attitude and strong sense of responsibility. They are a professional after-sales service team that makes users satisfied and rest assured. During the warranty period (12 months), due to any loss caused by the quality of the fire truck itself, our company guarantees to respond within 1 hour after receiving the customer's call for repair, and dispatch the after-sales service personnel to the scene within 24 hours, and  provide the best after-sales service, repair or replace spare parts free of charge. We will also rush to the site in a responsible attitude to carry out repairs for exceeding the warranty period or the scope of the warranty, and only charge for spare parts. We will dispatch engineers and technicians to install and debug the products free of charge on the delivery site, and provide personnel training and technical services to users at any time (for the products lifelong).

After-sales service outlets:

  • Baoji yinhe fire fighting vehicle equipment maintenance co. LTD
  • Appointed service station in guangzhou, guangdong province
  • Zhengzhou, henan province designated service station
  • Beijing designated service station
  • Tianjin designated maintenance service station
  • Designated maintenance service station in changsha, hunan province
  • Xinjiang urumqi sales and service center

24 Hour service hotline:0917-8801118(daytime) 13891750982(night)